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    We work to protect and preserve the natural beauty, wildlife, open space and clean streams feeding the Brandywine watershed of approximately 1250 acres of pristine property, currently undeveloped and unprotected, in beautiful Beaver Valley, Pennsylvania.


    324 acres located in Concord Township, Pennsylvania, bounded on the east by Route 202 on the north by Smithbridge Road and to the south and west by Thompson Bridge Road, the new National Monument and the Brandywine River. The area is currently owned by Woodlawn Trustees, which has protected the area as a wildlife refuge for in some cases over 50 years. Woodlawn Trustees now seeks to develop the area. The area is home to bald eagles, owls, hawk, fox, skunks, raccoons, native trout, and bog turtles, which are a world-wide endangered and protected species.

    Beaver Valley supports a mosaic of upland forests, old fields, open meadows and wetlands. The landscape contains many historic and high potential archaeological resources, some dating back to 1683.

    At least seven species of rare plants have been recorded in the area in the Pennsylvania Natural Diversity Inventory.

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    We seek to fulfill our mission by working with local citizens, other conservation groups and all levels of government in a variety of ways, including:
    - Providing a team of professionals and experts, including ecologists, land planners, economists, traffic experts, historians, architects and others that serve as resources to support our mission.
    - Monitoring legislation, municipal code and zoning changes and development plans;
    - Researching and educating the public on the ecology and history of the area;
    - Providing white papers on various areas of concern, including: traffic congestion; wildlife destruction; pipeline best practices, etc.
    - Exploring how properties within Beaver Valley can be conserved and protected through the increased use of conservation easements and other forms of public-private partnerships.

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    We do not seek to supplant the work of other conservation organizations but to work cooperatively with them. We focus more intensely on a smaller geographic area than a larger organization would. We are non-partisan; however, we are advocates for our mission (and we will support candidates who can help us fulfill our mission).

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Help us conserve Beaver Valley for our children and theirs. Please send a check made out to "The Delaware Community Foundation - Beaver Valley Conservancy Fund" and mail it to:
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